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In 76% of email lists we checked, 38% of emails land in spam. Use Email Inspector to boost your emails' deliverability, open rate, and CTR of your email campaigns.

Catch Toxic Emails before creeping into your email list

Eliminate invalid, mistyped, or non-corporate emails. Email Inspector’s real-time API weeds out toxic emails from everywhere else you ask for emails.

Get a detailed report and download your results

Emailinpector structures your list's data for you. After Emailinpector finishes its review, you can download an up-to-date email list that you can use directly in your marketing campaigns.

Connect directly to the CRM tool of your choice

With Emailinpector's powerful integrations, you can automatically import your leads' lists, with no interruption to your current workflow.

Fast. Reliable. Affordable.

Accurate bulk email validation shouldn’t cost a fortune. Rated 4.5/5 on Capterra


Olaya Jade

Our email deliverability jumped 26.7% and our ROI is growing with using . I couldn't have asked for better.

5:10 PM · Aug 25, 2021


Holden Peterson

I love how isn’t overpromising but delivers exactly what it promises. From the first test try, I got 99% accuracy so I am satisfied.

9:54 AM · Aug 08, 2021


Joshua Perez

It’s a relief to be able to eliminate bounces before happening and ruining my sender reputation or blacklisting me.

3:30 PM · July 29, 2021


Francisca Reina

The dashboard is easy to read and use. In 2 months, I verified 47K email addresses and I feel I get my return on every dollar I spent on .

4:06 PM · Dec 16, 2021


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Save time by verifying your email lists directly in the tool you use for sending emails.

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