22.5% of email addresses become invalid.

And it’s not your fault.

There are some of the reasons why an email address becomes invalid:

1. The change of job or position of the email user resulting in an inactive email address

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2. Shutting down of a company makes the domain non-existent

3. Typos or syntax errors in the email address

4. Email service provider closing down the business

If you don’t clean your email lists regularly, in one year, the 22.5% bounce rate will exceed the acceptable bounce rate tenfold, and your sender reputation will take a real hit.

As the name suggests, an email verification tool finds out whether an email address is valid and in use. The tool can usually identify spam traps and invalid email addresses.

It is important to remove such email addresses to protect your sender’s reputation from getting damaged.

The email service provider will block your account if you are sending emails to such traps too often.

It is your responsibility to maintain your sender reputation, and that is why you have to put in the effort to keep a clean email list.

If you doubt why you need to verify email addresses, let me show you why email verification matters.

This article will give you five reasons you need to verify email addresses that cleans your email lists regularity.

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#1 Most People Change Emails

31% of email users change email addresses in a year.

This is a huge percentage that highlights the importance of an email verification service.

If you’re emailing an inactive email address connected to a deactivated account, it is pointless from a marketing perspective if the recipient doesn’t open his email.

Your email will be buried until your recipients decide to log in but by then your email will be six feet worth of emails under, no way your recipient will scroll that far down.

That’s when an email verification service comes in handy because it informs you when an email account has not been active lately and it’s no use sending them emails.

#2 Most People Get a Promotion

As a rule of thumb, in your email marketing campaign, you should target a certain niche of people, like managers.

But in companies, titles change, and with that, email addresses change too.

Because yesterday’s manager is now a CEO.

These are very important pieces of information because they define your email tone, jargon, and language since the person may have a different email, based on the new position.

Most companies’ hires get promoted within 18-24 months of joining a business.

This means the list of email addresses from a year to two years should be updated and verified at least once a year.

#3 Email Service Providers Shut Down

In the world of internet service providers, it’s not a fairytale with happy endings.

Not all websites are successful and some have shut down over the years.

When a service provider shuts down, your recipient’s email account becomes inactive. Your recipients cannot use it to send or receive emails.

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In fact, in some cases, Your recipients may not even be able to view their inboxes.

This means your email never sees the light of day.

This happens more often than not, it is very important to use an email verification service so that no emails are wasted.

#4 People Switch Job

On average, a person switches jobs every 2 years, and when that happens, your lead gets a new business email.

As a result, their old email becomes useless, the one you have in your email addresses list.

You are knocking at the wrong door.

Some companies delete old emails to make space for new ones and some keep them.

Whatever the case, an email will be useless for a marketing firm if it is not being used by anyone.

An email verification service will help you verify if an email address is active and working or not.

#5 Some Users Use Fake Emails

Using a fake email account is something very normal. In fact, there are several reasons why someone does so.

Some users do not want to share their email, hence they put fake information when asked.

Some users are in a hurry and only wish to bypass verification or other processes and end up entering the wrong emails.

In most cases, users enter random words or emails such as ‘[email protected]‘ or ‘[email protected]‘.

These are easy to identify but when you’re doing this process manually with thousands of emails and it can be very time and effort consuming.

When you use an email validation service, you know for sure you’re sending emails that will bee read, for sure.

Which Email Verification Service to Use?

Online, there are plenty of email verification service providers.

Still, very few businesses use an email verification service since they’re not aware of the benefits of using one.

Plus, not many people know how email verifiers truly work and there appears to be a lot of misconceptions regarding these tools. The truth is that no two software are the same.

You should use a tool that’s reliable, fast, and easy to use.

Fast: as it can handle up to 100,000 email addresses at a time.

Reliable: as it can upload both .csv or .txt files for it will verify emails through mailbox checking, domain checking, and syntax checking.

Easy to use: You will be able to view, analyze, and even download results.

You need email verifiers if you want your business to be a success.

How can Email Inspector help you?

Emailinspector has a process with a few steps to verify an email address list, no matter how long.

Here’s how it works:

First step is a syntax check:  Emailinspector goes through the entire address to ensure there are no issues such as misplaced commas, dots, spaces, and domain extensions.

The second step is a domain check: Emailinspector verifies the domain name actually exists. This is important because some users deliberately enter incorrect domains in a hurry, such as ‘fff.com‘ or ‘abds.com‘. Plus, some domains may die, leaving the emails dead as well. Verification ensures you only have emails that are hosted on a working domain.

The next step is sending an email ping: it is important to get your hands on a tool that comes with this feature so that emails can be verified with little to no mistakes.

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