Email marketing is not something new.

The number of global e-mail users is expected to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025.

The users number growth is due to the effectiveness of its marketing.

47% of marketers agreed that email is the most effective marketing channel, followed by social media marketing (39%), SEO (33%), and content marketing (33%).

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Over the years, the email-related tools market is now full of advanced features.

One of the most prominent tools is email validation.

Some may dismiss email validation from their email marketing campaign, but this article is for you to think twice.

Statics have shown that if you decrease the bad emails on your email list by only 1% can raise your deliverability by 10%.

Need more convincing?

Here is why email verification is a critical factor in email marketing that you probably didn’t know.

What is Email Address Validation?

Email Validation is the procedure of email address verification right from receiving to delivery.

The email validation process detects errors like common typos, either by mistake or on purpose.

The email validation process checks the email address validity and if the domain is reliable too like Gmail or Yahoo.

Also, the email validation process helps organize, filter email addresses.

Email validation secures your lists’ email addresses are valid and your sender score.

In fact, email validation is a critical success factor in your email marketing campaigns.

What Does Email Validation Validate?

No matter how much work you put into your marketing campaigns, they won’t bear fruit without a quality audience.

A quality audience equals valid email addresses.

The sender must know of the phishing protection strategies of the recipients to improve deliverability.

Your email addresses list must be of high quality and maintained constantly during the collection of email addresses linked to valid and active user accounts.

An email validation tool will validate the mail addresses on your email list to check if the syntax is valid.

An email validation tool will also validate an email address’s mailbox registration with its receiving domain.

An email validation tool will guarantee the credibility and active status of the email addresses in the mailing list.

An email validation tool will also check for invalid and fake emails to prevent cybersecurity threats such as spear phishing.

Why is Email Validation a critical success factor in email marketing?

Email validation can raise or fall your email engagement and ROI.

Here are the standard parameters for email validation checks to increase email engagement.

Recipient Authenticity:

In email deliverability terms, low open rates are a clear signal to ISPs that your recipients don’t engage with you or your emails.

Low engagement can affect badly the delivery rate which can eventually block your email marketing campaign.

And it’s only the tip of the iceberg, having your emails blocked leads lower open rates, which tanks your engagements ever lower.

You could be damaging your own sender reputation by sending emails to recipients who don’t open your emails.

This can stem from the fact that you’re emailing recipients who are fake.

Email validation makes sure every email address on your email address is valid and active. It also

Invalid accounts can tear down even the most well-tailored marketing campaigns.

Email validation can remove unauthentic email addresses to increase email engagement.

Sender Score:

Your sender score walks a fragile line.

As you’re sending your campaigns, if your bounce rate increases, email service providers will ban you from sending email, ever again.

Being banned is bad for your sender reputation and your business.

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The last thing you want for your business is to be known as a spammer.

Email validation can help you avoid this and maintain a good sender reputation.

Email Service Provider (ESP), Internet Service Provider (ISP), and target audience are what you hang by a thread if you become a spammer.

It is what it is, marketing subscriptions is no fairytale, you can’t change your information whenever you feel like it and you certainly can’t do whatever you like.

Your target audience members won’t always remember you.

So if they see your email and they don’t like it, some will report you and you can kiss goodbye your sender reputation.

That’s why an email validation will spare you the unnecessary headaches of running your email marketing campaign.

Email validation is a great strategy to stay relevant and gather as many benefits as possible from an email marketing campaign.

Otherwise, your emails are like pouring water on sand.

High Deliverability:

Email deliverability determines if your marketing emails are delivered to the recipients on your email list.

The best-case scenario is your emails get delivered to your recipients’ inboxes.

If they don’t, you have to know what stops them from that.

There are different reasons behind your low email deliverability.  There are other reasons that could trigger the spam filter of your recipients. Here are a few examples:

-Your subject lines in ALL CAPS can send the emails to the spam folder of your recipients.

-If you don’t have the email permissions from your subscribers’ list can be a reason why your campaigns end in the spam folder.

-If your email campaigns keep getting spam marks, an email service provider like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail will be aware of your placebo spam behavior which can affect your sender reputation.

Lower Bounce Rates:

Bouncing emails are like bouncing checks.

Bouncing emails are something no business wants to see.

One of the amazing things about email validation is how effective at removing email hard and soft bounces.

When using email validation, there is a chance to have a 10x reduction in bounce rate.

This 10x reduction in bounce rate can translate to a decrease in bounce rates by 90% after email verification in email marketing campaigns.

How to Choose an Email Validation Service?

Email validation services are the quick fix for email validation.

But as there is a sea of email validation tools online, it is a pickle to choose the right validation service for your business.

Here are the key elements to base on for choosing an email validation service.

Online Presence:

Opt for the email validation SaaS (Software-as-a-service) services.

SaaS will help you to automate the email validation process as the cloud-based service does not need physical access to the information asset for email security.


Read the reviews of the email validation services. Reviews can be a great indicator if a service is worth your money or not.

Reviews are also a great resource to discover the services’ other offers.


Email validation service providers should be able to integrate the process with other tools.

Other tools like email forwarding, email hosting, email archiving, and other tools.

Email volume:

Email validation service providers should be able to manage large amounts of email volume.

Most email lists can be validated instantly if the email validation service is scalable.

There is another point to email volume.

The mailbox providers and Internet Service Providers constantly check your sending patterns and frequency to determine if you are legitimate or spammy.

The number of emails sent, if it passes a certain volume per day, can inflict your sender reputation.

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