On average, 99% of people check their email every day, and the average email open rate is 17.61%. (source: HubSpot)

Email scrubbing your email list can do wonders for your email reach.

If you can’t see the why behind email scrubbing your email list, here is our article to convince you otherwise. 

Let’s dive in!

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What is Email List Cleaning?

Email list cleaning is the process of removing inactive, invalid or duplicate email addresses from your email list. 

A clean email list protects your emails from bouncing or going to the spam folder.

You can manually do this, but it will take so much time.

There is plenty of email list cleaning services to do that for you.

You can also use an email validation service.

Why You Should Clean Your Email List?

1/ Better Sender Reputation

Spam complaints are bad for your sender’s reputation with ESPs.

If your leads don’t open emails from you, your emails will be constantly marked as spam, even for your subscribers.

This might raise warning signs to your ESP.

Which will flag your account for sending unwanted solicitations.

If your emails are constantly marked in the junk folder, your deliverability rate can suffer.

Avoid all this by using emails cleaning services for your email list.

2/ Better Open and Click Rates

Open and click rates are the percentage of the total number of emails sent.

Inactive subscribers can make your open rate decline. 

Remove spam email addresses.

This will make the number of subscribers who do open and click your emails be a bigger percentage of the total emails sent going forward.

3/ Improving and Lowering Bounce Rate

High bounce rate happen because of undeliverable emails.

If your bounce rate is above 3 to 5%, it will lower your deliverability and inboxing rates.

At 8 to 10%, your delivery rates will start to drop dramatically.

Leads who don’t engage, have changed their email address, or worse, never opted in will result in spam traps and bounces. 

List cleaning reduces your bounce rate and resolves temporary deliverability issue.

Remove the invalid, discontinued, and fake emails that cause hard bounces.

You can use an email list cleaning service to do that for you.

4/ Less Spam Complaints

Spam complaints are when subscribers mark your email as spam.

It’s either your email subscribers aren’t engaged, or aren’t getting your emails at all. 

This raises a big fat red flag and it can mess with your email marketing statistics.

Cleaning your email list will protect your deliverability, open and click-through rates. 

When You Should Scrub Your Email List‌?

Twice a year, at least.

However, every company is different. 

To figure out when you should clean your lists, review your open rate and clickthrough rate, unsubscribes, and spam rates.

You can use for your email services an email list cleaning.

Bounce Rate is Up

Types of Email Bounces

There are two types of email bounces:  hard and soft bounces.

Hard bounces mean there is a permanent error and your emails will never land in your lead’s inbox.

Hard bounces mean either the domain name doesn’t exist, the email address doesn’t exist, or the delivery is blocked by the email server.

Soft bounces mean the email address exists and is correct, but the email wasn’t delivered. 

This is your sign to clean invalid email addresses from your email marketing campaigns.

Good VS Bad Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is 56% to 70%. 

A high bounce rate means that your recipient’s overall session duration is short.

A low bounce rate is 26% to 40%. 

A low bounce rate means that your recipient spent time on your email and clicked on available links.

This can hurt your email campaign and you could use an email list cleaning.

Open and Click-through Rates are Down

Fake emails can make your open and clickthrough rate decline. 

Cleaning your email list will improve your open and click rates. 

This way, the number of valid emails will be a bigger percentage of the total emails sent going forward.

Bot Subscribers

Inactive and disengaged subscribers are those who do not open, click or engage in your emails in any form.

Remove inactive subscribers to improve your open and click-through rates for your campaigns.

But before that, send them one last email to see if that will re-engage them.

If they don’t respond, delete them as subscribers to not hurt your email deliverability and conversion rates.

To prevent that, clean your list regularly and keep only active lists.

How Often Should You Clean Your Email List?

A rule of thumb is twice a year.

However, it depends on each case. 

  1. Review your open rate and clickthrough rate, unsubscribes, and spam rates.
  2. Review the number of subscribers coming in every quarter. 
  3. Check the bounces rate. 

All these can indicate that it’s time to do some email list cleaning.

You can use an email list cleaning service to do that for you.

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How to Clean Your Email List?

For email scrubbing your email list, you can use two methods:

How to clean your email list in Mailchimp

Here is the link to a step-by-step tutorial on how to cleaning your email list in MailChimp:


How to clean your email list in Convertkit

1. Go to your list of subscribers, and under

2. Click on the drop-down menu where it says ‘Confirmed Subscribers’ you will find ‘Cold Subscribers’.

3. Select ‘Cold Subscribers’

4. Delete every lead on that list

Convertkit automatically creates a list of ‘cold subscribers’ for you.

If you do want to run a reactivation campaign, add ready-made reactivation automation to your account, personalize it and set it running.

How To Ensure Your Email List Stays Clean

Use double opt-in

Enabling double opt-in weeds out disposable email addresses and verify emails. 

Use double opt-in to make sure you only have valid email addresses on your email list.

Sometimes, your subscriber wrote an email address full of obvious typos.

Double opt-in is when you send a new subscriber a link in an email to confirm their subscription.

Double opt-in also enables you to send personalized marketing emails.

when a new subscriber confirms their subscription, they are giving their permission for you to send them emails and register their email address.

This can be a healthy move for your email marketing strategy.

This assures your email list had pristine clean data, respectful of data protection laws.

You can use email verification tools to help raise your engagement email campaign.

Don’t add people to your mailing list without their permission

Don’t add people to your mailing list without their express permission.

This action is also illegal in most countries, and you don’t want your emails to keep landing in spam folders.

All you can do is suggest to your website visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Make it easy to unsubscribe

Make sure it is very easy to unsubscribe from your emails.

Trust me, it’s a relief for you to remove unengaged subscribers who do not want to be receiving your emails.

Make sure to add a clear and easy-to-use unsubscribe link in every email you send.

The worst thing you can do is make the unsubscribe link difficult to find or make the process of unsubscribing time-consuming or confusing.

If a subscriber finds it difficult to unsubscribe, they will mark your emails as spam, which will tarnish your sender’s reputation.

What Comes After Your Email List is Clean?

After cleaning your email lists, create a strategy to get more ‘good’ subscribers onto your list.

Improve your content

You need to send your leads the most relevant content.

Personalized product recommendations are a perfect example of this giving recipients tailored product recommendations.

Sometimes personalized subject lines do the trick.

This is a two-way street. 

Because the more your lead engages with you, the clearer the image becomes and the less guesswork you will need to do.

You will have a clearer idea about how to engage them with your business.

Always send welcome emails to your new subscribers

Welcome email to new subscribers weed out potential unsubscribers as early as possible. 

Also, welcome emails are a great gesture that goes beyond miles. 

It sends the message of there are humans behind this email address and website.

This also warms your audience in a sales funnel.

Write Emails that bring value

Your lead only cares about ‘what’s in it for them?’ 

That’s why your emails should deliver real value to your subscribers.

Avoid sending double messages and constant sales emails. 

Your leads want to read more about what they find as a real value. 

Send emails that will genuinely benefit your leads, linking to your blog for extra information and help, and they will reward you with high open and click rates.

Plan regular cleans

Email list cleaning is not a one-time job.

  • Regularly clean your huge list from invalid emails and inaccurate data. 
  • Use double opt-in for newsletter signups. 
  • Use interactive content (polls, buttons) to encourage click-throughs, not just opens. 
  • Try resending email campaigns to soft bounces (it means a temporary issue and you can still reach their inbox). 
  • Automate win-back emails to re-engage inactive subscribers after a certain period of inactivity. 
  • Provide a way for the subscriber to manage their preferences.

You can use an email list cleaning service to do that for you.

How Does Email Inspector Clean Your Email List?

During your email marketing campaign, manually cleaning fake email addresses can be time-consuming, so we made it easier for you.

With a few clicks, you’re on your way to a squeaky clean email list.

Emailinscpector is an email list cleaning service and email verification service.

Emailinspector helps you to bulk email verification, no matter how long. 

All you have to do is upload your email list, and click on clean. 

In seconds, you can download a clean email list, free from spam email addresses.

Your email database will be ready for your email marketing.

No need to correct obvious typos.

Emailinspector works with all email service providers like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail. 

Emailinspector’s gives you 100 email verifications, completely free.

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