Does it get overwhelming to do all the email list cleaning?

Even though the sales pipeline is full and the funnel is warm, you just can’t see the results you expect.

Confused? Email deliverability failure is probably one of the most common causes of losing out on hot leads.

Email deliverability failure happens when you send emails that land up in the Spam folder rather than in the subscriber’s inbox.

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This is the benefit of Email list cleaning.

A bad quality email clean list can leave a bad impact on your sender’s reputation.

A good or a clean email is the ID that has interacted with you at least once in the last 6 months.

Keeping your email list clean keeps away two creepers: Spam Traps and Unengaged users.

This is where using the best email cleaning tools comes in handy.

ISPs are always looking out for bad emails and making sure that the sender has got the right to be in their receiver’s inbox.

If the sender (you) is not allowed to be in the inbox, you will be sent straight to SPAM which affects the sender’s reputation.

Engaging with unengaged users, you are wasting your time trying to get their attention because that’s never going to happen!

But in the midst of all this, you are wondering what email list cleaning service to go with?

This is exactly what is this article all about!

Come and read about the five things to know when choosing an email list cleaning!

What is an email list cleaning software?

Email List

Email List Cleaning Software

An email list cleaning software is an email cleaning tool to help you analyze your email lists.

An email list cleaning software does exactly what its name indicate, it helps scrub your email list from invalid and inactive subscribers and bad email addresses.

Email list cleaning software is a great way to maintain a healthy email list, protect sender reputation and conserve your email deliverability.

Why you must have an email list cleaning software tool?

Email list cleaning is crucial to keeping a healthy sender reputation from your internet service provider’s perspective.

To keep sending your emails to a dirty email list is a slippery slope to triggering red flags.

These red flags will make ISPs and spam filters blacklist you!

Reason #1. Removing more than just invalid contacts

There are other email addresses you need to remove other than hard bounces.

Remove duplicate email addresses or duplicate names with different email addresses.

Reason #2. Real-time API

Real-time APIs have become more powerful, and older methods of data delivery have decreased in popularity.

Here are five reasons why you should really have a real-time API.

1. You have real-time data. Use it!

You definitely have real-time data within your systems. You can easily identify the real-time data within your systems as the following:

  • Any changes in data; are commonly identified by some kind of CRUD action or interactions with a data store.
  • Any interaction between systems.
  • User interaction with applications and systems.

Each of these events has an associated data payload that could easily be exposed via a real-time API and consumed by apps that want to display real-time data or offer real-time functionality.

2. Faster access to business value 

You’re exposing an API already so that API consumers can get access to data and gain value from it.

The faster the data can be accessed and processed, the faster its value can be extracted and gained.

If a developer is already polling your API for changes in data, it’s a heavy hint that what they really want is a real-time API.

They want the data to be pushed to them so they can get value from it as soon as possible.

Get the data to your customers as fast as possible!

3. Some data is intrinsically time-sensitive

The safety notifications API, for example, really needs to be a real-time API. If there’s a breach in the process you really need to know about that instantly.

There are real-world examples of APIs that have to be real-time because the associated data has a time-factor constraint between the event occurring (e.g. the service detects a breach) and that event is received by the API consumer.

4. Developer experience and empowerment

Realtime APIs offer a much smoother experience and empower developers to be able to do so much more.

If a developer is polling your API, it doesn’t just mean they want faster access to your data.

It’s also a very clear indication that having the data pushed to them would be a much nicer experience that can significantly reduce application processing overhead and code complexity.

Once the data is being pushed to the system in real-time you are empowering developers to focus on building value into the product.

Reason #3. An email cleaner service should handle your data responsibly

Not cleaning your email lists is contributing to bad data in your email database.

Email cleaning reduces the amount of inaccurate data that ends up cluttering up your lists.

Another benefit is an email cleaner service handles your data with care.

To not fall victim to data decay, the data in your email list should be cleaned twice a year.

An email cleaner service shields you from the gradual loss of data quality within your email database.

This data loss can happen due to changing contact details. Email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and job titles are always changing, and most people won’t inform you of this change.

If you don’t clean regularly your data, your email lists will look outdated.

You will also need an email list cleaning service to ensure that contact emails are still valid.

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Reason #4. Spam trap checker

In your email marketing campaign, if you send emails to invalid addresses, they will be marked as spam.

Having your emails being marked as spam can negatively impact your sender’s reputation.

A bad sender’s reputation can make it harder for your emails to reach the inbox.

An email verification API will avoid you sending emails to invalid addresses.

This can reduce the number of spam reports that you receive.

Email list cleaning tools can help you check spam traps and improve your email deliverability, protect your email list, and save time and money.

Reason #5. Email Bounce Checker

An email list cleaning tool guarantees you’re sending emails to verified and valid IDs.

  • The tool also can check if the email id is a disposable address.
  • The bulk email verifier will also alert if the recipients are using “catch-all” emails.
  • The tool ensures that the emails sent do not enter the spam boxes.
  • The tool also helps lower the bounce rate of emails considerably.

An email list cleaning tool will assure the sender that every risky outgoing email is going to get removed from the sender list.

As a result, the emails will reach only valid and receivable addresses, which will improve the open rates.

Here are some of the email list cleaning tools with a great email bounce checker:

1. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce detects bounces, spam traps, and fake and abusive emails, thus ensuring email lists are accurate and up-to-date.

ZeroBounce helps to create a far better sender reputation, and this is often the key to getting emails within the subscribers’ inboxes.

2.Email Inspector

Email Inspector detects bad emails in several ways. It removes duplicate emails, the dots from emails, temporary emails, and sub-accounts.

It also identifies and removes spam traps, emails, with hard bounces, and emails from blacklisted domains.

It allows you to upload lists of up to 1 million emails at a time for bulk verifications.

Email Inspector has “pay as you go” packages.

if you sign-up, you get 100 email verifications, no credit card details are required.


Mailfloss integrates with a large number of email marketing service providers.

Mailfloss allows you to verify your email list in bulk.

Mailfloss focused on automating the process of email verification, so you can focus on your business.

4. Can I use an email list cleaning software for free?

Yes, but only if the email list cleaning software is giving a limited number of free verifications after signing up.

There is free email list cleaning software but you can’t trust their quality 100%.

Currently, there is no email verification tool that will provide free email verification for more than 100.

You can look for the tool available at the best price and good quality.

Like when you sign up with Email Inspector, you get 100 free verifications with a 98% email deliverability rate which helps you to reduce the bounce rate.

Email Inspector also gives you flexible pricing that can suit any budget.

(link to Email Inspector’s pricing page)


Tips to help you pick the best service

Email list cleaning software helps to increase your open and click-through rates.

Email list cleaning software will also ensure that each message is as successful in reaching its target audience as possible.

There are numerous email list cleaners on the market, each with its own set of features…

However, the primary goal of each of those list cleaning programs is to eliminate email addresses that are incorrect, expired, or misspelled.

They do this by employing intensive cleaning and verification procedures such as –

•Checking Email Address Syntax

•Verifying Role-Based Email Addresses

•Removing Disposable Email Addresses

•Checking MX Records

•Detecting Spam Traps

There are a few more advanced intermediate processes in addition to these. Finally, sending SMTP pings to each email address to check their existence completes the email verification procedure.

Try the Email Inspector’s email list validation service to clear your invalid email addresses.

It will help to increase your deliverability score.

TuxMailer offers free 100 email validation credits when signing up.

If you need more credits, then you also have the choice of subscription and pay as you go plans to suit your needs. Plus, you have to pay only for successful validations.


How can Email Inspector help you?

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