Email List Verify, Email List Validation, and Email Inspector are email verification tools and cleaning email lists software services.

However, when it comes to their features and benefits, Email List Verify, Email List Validation, and Email Inspector are very different.

In this article, we will compare and review Email List Verify, Email List Validation, and Email Inspector.

This way, we can help you decide which of these email verification tools is best for you.

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Email List Verify Review

Email List Verify is a bulk email verification service and monitoring tool designed especially for Email marketers, Web agencies, E-commerce businesses, and people who regularly access their emails.

Email List Verify was launched officially in 2009 to tackle the problems regarding spam and fraudulent emails that infiltrate the user’s inbox, making it prone to high bounce rates.

Email List Verify has gained widespread popularity due to its powerful yet cost-effective features.

Email List Verify includes contact management, email management, and email marketing features that guarantee the best possible results.


Bulk email verification:

EmailListVerify’s bulk email verification cleans your email list without any worries.  Bulk email verification boosts your email delivery rate.


EmailListVerify provides a real-time verification API for businesses that rely heavily on email marketing.

API Domain & SMTP checker:

EmailListVerify checks the SMTP and API domains and removes all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains and even spam and invalid accounts.

Spam traps checker:

EmailListVerify’s spam trap helps you identify spammers, so you don’t have to check for spam traps manually.

EmailListVerify cleans spam traps to help improve and rise your reputation score.

Disposable emails checker:

EmailListVerify gets rid of trash email addresses. This way you identify temporary emails.

Catch-all domains checker:

EmailListVerify spots domains that return valid for all emails.

Skipping them will improve your open rates. With this tool, you can just catch all your domains checker.

Syntax errors validator:

EmailListVerify’s syntax error validator removes emails with invalid syntax easily.

Implement API to notify your website users in real time.

Hard bounce detection:

EmailListVerify sends undetectable verifications to the emails that can’t be accurately validated.

EmailListVerify detects all undelivered messages easily and effortlessly.

MTA validator:

EmailListVerify investigates whether a mail transfer agent has a valid MX record or not.

Email duplicates checker:

EmailListVerify removes the total of duplicated emails from the email list. This prevents you from spending credits on the same email address multiple times.


EmailListVerify lets you integrate your account with nine well-known applications, like:

  • MailChimp
  • Spark Post
  • AWeber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Hubspot
  • Mailerlite



  • $15 for 5000 Emails
  • $169 for 100K Emails
  • $599 for 1M Emails

The minimum order value is $169 for 100k credits. The credit never expires.

Who is Email List Verify for?

You might be overwhelmed with the features offered by EmailListVerify, but don’t worry.

EmailListVerify is a good email verification service for verifying large lists but is not very accurate at verifying small lists.

Email List Validation Review

Email List Validation is an email list verification tool to help businesses land their marketing email campaigns in real users’ mailboxes.

Email List Validation makes sure to divide the invalid email addresses from the valid ones.

Email List Validation’s features are email deduplication, spam-trap removal, risk validation, MTA validation, domain confirmation, syntax eliminator, bounce minimizing, and more.

Email List Validation’s purpose is to email lists cleaning and increase deliverability.


Bulk email verification

Email List Validation’s bulk email verification tool quickly cleans up your email lists.


Email List Validation’s real-time verification API lets you filter invalid emails right from the signup boxes.

API Domain & SMTP checker

Email List Validation lets you verify your email lists on your website using API.

Spam traps checker

Email List Validation removes any duplicate email you may have in your records.

Disposable emails checker

Email List Verification identifies free email accounts that are for masking real email addresses.

Catch-all domains checker

Email List Verification has a catch-all domains checker.

Syntax errors validator

Email List Verification checks for any invalid syntaxes and immediately remove them.

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Hard bounce detection

Email List Verification’s hard bounce detector minimizes the bouncing with undetectable verification emails.

MTA validator

Email List Verification checks whether a Mail Transfer Agent has a valid MX record.

Email duplicates checker

Email List Verification removes any duplicate email you may have in your records.


Email List Validation integrates with all the major marketing services, like:


For Email List Verification:

  • $59 for 1 million credits per year
  • $118 for 2 million credits per year
  • $177 for 3 million credits per year

Email List Verification gives you lifetime access to Email List Validation Paid Plan.

Who is Email List Validation for?

Email List Validation is best for email marketers and sales teams looking to make their lists more efficient with powerful verification

Email Inspector Review

Email Inspector is an email verification, scoring, and deliverability platform to help businesses land their email deliverability.

Email Inspector detects email typos, nonexistent and abusive email accounts, spam traps, and risky email addresses.

Email Inspector provides integration tools to enhance email inbox placement further.


Bulk email verification:

Email Inspector’s bulk email verification is fast, simple, and accurate to remove bad emails from your list.

Bulk email verification helps you to get higher opens, clicks, and conversions.


Email Inspector’s real-time verification API is great if your business is based on email marketing.

API Domain & SMTP checker:

Emailinspector API and SMTP checker allows you to instantly verify email addresses and remove them.

Spam traps checker:

Email Inspector has smart spam trap indicators that can help you to identify spam traps much easier.

Email Inspector removes for you the hidden spam traps in your email list.

Disposable emails checker:

Email Inspector checks to see if there are disposable email addresses and get rid of trash email addresses so you identify temporary emails.

Catch-all domains checker:

EmailInspector can identify catch-all domains, which return valid for all emails.

Syntax errors validator:

Email addresses with invalid syntax are immediately removed from your mailing list.

Hard bounce detection:

Email Inspector identifies the invalid and hard-bounce email addresses.

Email Inspector removes hard bounces from your email list.

MTA validator:

Email Inspector checks with MTA to verify the MX records.

Email duplicates checker:

When you enable this feature, Email Inspector removes all duplicate email entries found in your email list.


Email Inspector lets you integrate with ten well-known applications, like:

  • MailChimp
  • Active Campaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Hubspot
  • Mailerlite
  • Sendgrid


  • $29 for 5000 Emails
  • $209 for 100K Emails
  • $769 for 1M Emails

The minimum order value is $209 for 100k credits. The credit never expires.

 Who is Email Inspector for?

Email Inspector is not so expensive and offers excellent phone and email support.

Email List Verify vs Email List Validation vs Email Inspector, which is better?

Email List Validation vs Email List verify vs Emailinspector

Email List Validation vs Email List verify vs Emailinspector

You know by now that email validation is one the most important parts of any marketing campaign’s success.

Email validation tells you how well email will do to get to your reader’s inboxes.

Email marketing campaigns require automated email campaign testing tools for quality assurance.

This article gave you a thorough read into three email verification services, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your needs,  goals, and budget.

While you choose, you depend on these reviews and comment with your personal favorites.

Bottom line

We hope that this comparison between Email List Verify vs Email List Validation vs Email Inspector has helped you narrow down your choices.

An email verification tool is mandatory for your business and choosing the right tool is your responsibility.

You know by now that you will be making the best choice with Email Inspector!


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