“The money is in the lists.”

I am pretty sure you heard this expression countless times, from every email marketer guru and multi-millionaire.

But what does it mean when you just started in the email marketing world? All words sound the same and you’re confused.

so far, the only piece of truth you know is that your email lists should only have valid email addresses.

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which cues the mysterious concept of Email Validation.

Either you clean manually your email lists, which takes time and effort, or you pay for an email validation service.

But the number of email verification services in the market can be very overwhelming. As a beginner, you may be tempted to go with the first platform you find online, but a bit of research pays off.

Why you should bother? Because you need successful email marketing campaigns.

And a successful email marketing campaign gives you great email deliverability.

Email is currently the number one platform email marketers use to stay in touch with their audience.

It helps you form stronger relationships with your customers and increase your sales.

That means getting your emails in your subscribers’ inboxes, where they have a chance to be seen. Otherwise, they’ll simply go to waste instead of improving people’s lives – and your business.

You’re getting frequent bounces and spam complaints, and your overall email engagement isn’t that great.

But you know you can fix these issues – and one of the first steps in the process is to clean your list. Don’t know where to start?

This article is for you.

These email verification tips for beginners will clarify many unknowns and help you refresh your email marketing.

In this article, we will show you how cleaning your list helps you achieve better email deliverability, avoid outdated and risky email addresses, maintain sender reputation and have a higher chance of landing in the inbox.

Just keep on reading!

What is Email Validation?

Email validation is the process to verify email addresses are valid or inactive in your email addresses list.

In email marketing jargon, you’ll also find it under the name of email validation, email verification, email list cleaning, or email scrubbing.

There are two main types of email validators: checking for existence and verifying against a known standard or regular expression.

1. Checks for Existence:

This type of validation checks to see if a domain exists. The email validation service sends a message to the email address to see if it bounces back. If it does, then the address is invalid.

The email validation service uses this type of validation to prevent accounts linked to invalid email addresses from registering for your website or to ensure that someone enters the correct email address before they submit to a database.

Get 100 Verification For Free

2. Verifying Against a Known Standard or Regular Expression:

This type of validation uses a set of rules to determine if an email address is valid or not. This can include verifying the domain name, checking for certain characters in the address, or ensuring that the email address follows a specific pattern.

This type of validation is used when you need to validate an email address against a specific format.

Reasons You Should Validate Email Addresses

Email validation has many benefits for both users and website owners. These benefits should be enough reasons for you to use email validation services.

Here are a few benefits of using an email validation service:

  • Fast & easy registration process.
  • Minimize fake registrations, spamming and unwanted activities.
  • Prevent emails bouncebacks before starting any marketing campaigns or sending emails via newsletter subscription for example.
  • Adds trust and security for website owners.
  • Improved email deliverability rate.
  • Removes typos before trying to send any messages from that email box.

How Does Email Validation Work?

Email validation is the process to verify each invalid email address.

The email verification process is as simple as it seems: to send a message to the email address to confirm that it is active. If the email address does not exist, or if the delivery of the message fails, then the validation process fails.

There are several ways and services to validate emails. The most common and traditional method is to send a message to the email address and check if it lands in your recipient’s box.

Other methods include checking the domain name server (DNS) records for the email address or querying an online directory such as WHOIS to confirm that the email address exists.

However, the secret to a successful email marketing campaign is high email deliverability. That means your emails should land in your subscribers’ inboxes, where they have a chance to be seen. Otherwise, your emails will simply go to spam folders instead of adding value to people’s lives – and your business.

So if you ask yourself: how does cleaning my list help me achieve better email deliverability? The answer is simple: by removing inactive and risky email addresses, you protect your sender’s reputation and have a higher chance of landing in the inbox.

Verifying Email Addresses Without Sending Emails

Double-opts in to verify users’ accounts is not always the smartest way to go about things.

Most people ignore these emails, mark them as spam by accident, or didn’t receive them because of a typo in the address.

To avoid emailing risky email addresses, it might be more beneficial to avoid sending verification emails altogether and just verify the email directly through your database without wasting time with sending unnecessary emails that may or may not be received.

You can easily do this by creating a simple check within your application/website which verifies if an email address exists by checking its email address within your database instead of acting as an email.

This will save you plenty of time and ensure that you verify each email address on your email list successfully!

Validation Services

There are a lot of email validation services out there, online and offline services, like Emailinspector.

Emailinspector provides a powerful and accurate email list verification and email validation. It will protect your sender’s reputation and improve your inbox placement by removing invalid addresses from your list and by reducing your bounce rate!

Emailinspector offers:

  • An easy-to-use powerful platform, where you can verify your lists in 3 simple steps or quickly check a single email.
  • Integrate email validation API, designed by developers for developers. Verify whole list batches at once, or use single email real-time verification with ease.
  • A multi-team add-on that allows you to manage users, share credits, history, and Integrations from one account!


  • Removes inactive and invalid addresses and reduces your bounce rate! Identifies catch-all, disposable, free, and role emails.
  • Free email verification sampling – Test the quality of your list, completely free of charge! Save time and cost, two birds with one stone!
  • Bounce estimate helps you make an informative decision on which emails to keep on your list, once the verification process is done!
  • Responsive support, with a human-to-human approach.
  • Full GDPR compliance by design!  Data are stored in AWS data centers located on EU territory only.

List upload format: CSV, .TXT file, manually or copy and paste.
List download format: CSV or .TXT file

Best for: Bulk email list verification, email validation API, and real-time verification. Fast-growing tech companies and marketing teams love it!

Price: User receives 100 free credits for tests, once signed up.

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