As an email marketer, you know that email has passed the test of time and change.

Though email may seem to be outdated, it is a primary means of communication in offices and plays a vital role in digital marketing. It is essential to know the benefits of email validation tools to get the best out of email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods. The best part about an email or outreach campaign is that you can measure it.

Like Mario collecting mushrooms,  you will be collecting delivery rates, open rates, conversion rates, and click-through rates for your email marketing campaign.

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But the most important of them all is email address validity. Your email addresses list doesn’t matter, no matter how long it is, if filled with undeliverable addresses.

This also messes up with your sender’s reputation.

To make sure that your campaign performs well, you have to verify the emails in your email list.

Email validation is what will provide you with dramatic results and make a campaign successful. That is why email validation is essential, and you would need an email validation service to help you out.

In today’s article, we will see what email verification and why you should use them, and what are the benefits of email verification. Find out the Ten benefits of email validation and how can this tool will help you get great results.

What is Email Verification?

Email verification services are email validation software products to verify email addresses and ensure that they exist and are valid.

Email verifiers are available as online services, i.e., an email validation software, you can access them from any device anytime and anywhere. You only need an internet connection to use them.

You also don’t need to worry about updates as these tools update themselves automatically.

The email verification process starts by checking if the email address’s syntax is valid.

Next, the email verification process checks if the domain name is correct. Once the domain name is correct, advanced technical processes begin. The advanced technical process ascertains the validity of the email addresses.

After the verification process ends, the email verification tool will show results. Each email address verified is classified under categories like Safe to Send, Accept-All, Disposable, Free Service, Role-based, Invalid, and so on.

Based on the results, you can choose how you’d like to treat the remaining email addresses: quarantine them, retire them or continue sending emails to these addresses.

Why Should You Use an Email Verifier?

As an email marketer with a really old email database with undeliverable or incorrect addresses, you are more likely to not get far in your email marketing campaign.

More email addresses don’t mean good marketing either.

Gone are the days when you could buy a massive list of email addresses from sketchy sources or add email data of people who are unwilling to receive your marketing emails. There are strict laws that protect email users and prevent spamming.

GDPR Compliant in the European Union, the Anti-Spam law of Canada, and the CAN-SPAM Act of the US aim at regulating commercial email.

If you have been into buying lists and adding email addresses without email account consent, you have to clean your database and get rid of non existent email addresses.

There are different reasons why an email address becomes non-functional. An invalid address would be of no use to you as an email marketer.

Here are the most common reasons behind invalid addresses, and to detect them, you must use an email verification service.

1. Domain does not exist

A company’s email addresses become inactive when it shuts down or changes its domain. When you use an email verifier, you can quickly detect if the email address is valid or belongs to a non-existent domain.

2. Change of position

In big companies, employees’ email addresses depending on their position in the company. The format of email addresses is different for low-level, mid-level, and top-level employees. Therefore, if a person gets promoted, their previous email address gets invalid. It is necessary to verify email addresses before sending emails.

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3. There are typos

Email addresses can have errors, such as spelling mistakes or additional spaces.  Emails with typos are considered invalid. An email verifier tool will detect them for you.

These are only a few of the benefits of email verification.

Benefits of Email Verification

1-Reduces bounce rate

Too many bounces can ruin your reputation as a sender, and it will affect your email campaign as well. Email verification tools eliminate all the invalid email addresses and reduce the email bounce rate by a good 90%. One of the benefits of email verification is you will be able to check if the email address is valid to conduct as well as if the account is active or not.

This improves your email deliverability and your sender score. It determines whether you are a trusted sender or spammer.

2-Reduces spam complaints

Spam complaints should be less than five for every 5000 emails you send. It is essential to keep the spam rate the lowest, or else it can mess up your sender’s reputation. Email verification tools identify your users’ email accounts who mark emails as spam very often. One of the many benefits of email verification is it will flag such email accounts so that you can save yourself from your emails landing in spam folders spam traps.

3-Provides you with accurate insights

After your email verifier cleans your emails list, you only have clean data with valid email addresses. This way, your email campaign’s results will be more reliable for analysis. Sending emails to real email addresses makes every response from the recipients seem genuine.

4-Protects your reputation

As you’re sending emails, you build a reputation among email and internet service providers. The is called sender reputation and is based on several factors. The factors are how many times do recipients mark your email as spam and what is bounce rate.

Scrubbed and verified email lists, you’re free from worrying that you are not sending emails to spam traps cause bounces. It will help safeguard your sender’s reputation.

5-Saves you from getting penalized

If your email marketing keeps getting several bounces and spam reports, your email service provider will backlist you.

That’s why email service providers set a limit to the number of bounces, and if the number of bounces crosses that limit, you receive a warning from the service provider.

In severe cases, email service providers can make you pay a heavy penalty.

Using an email verification tool helps to reduce the bounces and spam reports to a minimum with a scrubbed clean email list. You can then continue your email marketing campaigns without worry.

6- Gets you better ROI

Email verification reduces the bouncing rate which helps increase ROI.

7- Less efforts in fixing bounces

Using unverified email lists that are not verified for your email campaign, you are setting yourself in a bounce trap.  If you are manually validating email addresses, you are bound to make mistakes and it will take so much time. Email validation tools use a system that unsubscribes hard bounces. The email service providers will move the bad addresses to a spam folder.

The email service providers set a limit to the number of bounces, and if the number of bounces crosses that limit, you receive a warning from the service provider. Because too many bounces can cause the service provider to ban you and blacklist you.

The email verification tool is a huge benefit to verifying your email list and making your email marketing strategy successful.

8- Increases engagement rates

Email verification reduces the chances of bounces. Low bounces rates help increase engagement rates. Sending emails is costing your company money. If you do the math, a single email bounce can mess with your campaign ROI.

9-Detects temporary accounts

Scammers use temporary accounts quite often that last for 48 hours. When you manually collect email addresses, you won’t come to know that these inactive email addresses are linked to temporary accounts.

With an email verifier, you can identify such accounts in your email addresses list later on and remove them.

10-Identifies catch-all mail servers

Catch-all mail servers are servers that accept all emails without checking if the mailbox exists or not. As an email marketer, bouncing email is a big problem for you. Email verification tool identifies server configuration, so you can remove risky email addresses from your list.

How does Email Inspector verify your email addresses?

Emailinspector does a scan test on a portion of your list. On this test batch, Emailinspector checks email syntax, verifies its email domain (MX record), and validates the email addresses from the email service providers.

If the percentage of risky emails in the sample list surpasses the tolerable, Emailinspector will ban users.

Next thing, you can scan your complete email addresses lists. This way, you will verify your entire email list before importing it into an ESP.

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