Email marketing has become one of the top marketing channels to drive traffic, provide unbelievable ROI, and improve engagement.

That’s why marketing professionals constantly build email lists.

Yet, unlike the expectations, the email returns you got made you question if email marketing is after all… overhyped.

It’s not that email marketing is overhyped, it’s that you’re not using email validation.

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If your email marketing is not bearing results, it’s because you need to check the quality of your email contacts or subscribers.

If your email list has email addresses that are spam traps, role-based, or simply invalid, your email deliverability will suffer and so will your email marketing ROI.

So how can you improve your email list hygiene?

Email verification is the answer.

Email verification is one of the most powerful ways to improve email deliverability, which makes it worth trying after all.

Here in this article, we will dive deeper into what is email validation? Why is it important? What are its top 5 benefits?

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What is Email Validation?

Email validation is the process of verifying the email addresses’ accuracy and quality on your email address lists.

The email validation services will remove the invalid and inactive email addresses that threaten your sender reputation.

1. The email validation process starts by checking if the syntax of the email address is valid.

Here are some examples of invalid syntax:

[email protected][dot][dot]com: Incorrect syntax because of the two dots.

[email protected][dot]: TLD is missing, e.g. -com or -org

[email protected][dot]com: Extra space between someone and [dot\

[email protected][dot]com: Extra space between someone and [dot\

Namedomain[dot]com: “@” sign is missing.

[email protected]: “Dot” missing between domain and extension -com.

2. The email validation process checks if the domain name is correct.

Once the domain name is correct, the email validation process starts the advanced technical processes.

3. The email validation process verifies if the email addresses are valid or not.

After the verification process ends, you get your email lists results.

You can save the good email address and delete the bad ones.

Based on the results, you can choose either to quarantine the email addresses, retire them or launch a re-engagement campaign.

Top 5 Benefits of Email Validation

Whether you have worked with email marketing for years or you are new to the game, you know a thing or two about email validation services.

Email validation services are one of the most powerful ways to improve email deliverability.

Here are the top 5 benefits of email validation.

1. It helps you to reduce email bounces:

Email validation service scans the email addresses on your email lists and flags email addresses that are either invalid, fake, or inactive.

Email validation service can also differentiate whether an email address is REALLY inactive or the recipients no longer open or engages with your emails.

This way, you can safely delete the inactive email addresses that are no longer serve your email marketing campaign and keep only the ones that are still useful.

Email validation services also helps you to launch an effective re-engagement campaign to re-engage the valid email addresses.

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2. It helps Improve email deliverability rate:

Typos can badly influence your email deliverability.

Since human error is very naturally bound to happen if a subscriber accidentally mistypes their email address.

These typing mistakes can prevent you from reaching the person behind the email address, thereby limiting your deliverability rate.

Email validation ensures that human errors, such as typos and misspellings, are corrected.

3. It helps you to improve engagement:

It’s frustrating if the time, money, and energy are invested into an email marketing campaign bear poor and disappointing results.

And the reason why is inactive email addresses.

So if you can get rid of the invalid email addresses on your email list, this can help fasten your email campaign performance.

Cleaning your email lists from invalid email addresses can get you a more realistic picture of how many emails are opened, clicked, and converted.

There can be very candid data insights to use further in your email marketing campaign.

4. It helps you to lower spam complaints:

Inactive or old emails are the main target for spam traps.

And yes, inactive or old emails are still monitored even though they are no longer active.

Emails delivered to one of these traps will get you marked as spam.

Having your emails marked as spam can harm your sender reputation.

And a tarnished sender reputation will negatively affect your email delivery.

So by getting an email validation service, you can avoid spam complaints and keep only valid email addresses.

5. Keeps your Email List Updated:

An important part of email hygiene is to always keep your email lists updated.

By keeping your email lists updated, you are getting rid of hard bounces, invalid email addresses.

A hard bounce is when an email is returned to you because the recipient’s address is invalid or does not exist.

Most people do not want to receive spam, so sometimes they use a fake address.

Unknowingly sending emails to known bad addresses regularly can harm your sender’s reputation.

This is what gives you hard bounces.

You can avoid hard bounces by painting regular email lists cleanups.

These problems can be avoided by email verification.

Email verification helps you identify email addresses that are likely to bounce.

Email verification is a huge plus for email marketing campaigns and every digital marketer knows that email validation services can benefit enormously email marketing.

On the last note, email verification is a very effective method for cleaning your email list.

Email verification can:

  • Boost the success of your email campaigns
  • Maintain your sender reputation
  • Validate your email addresses, one by one, automatically

Email Validation Services

There are a lot of email validation services out there, online and offline services, like Emailinspector.

Emailinspector provides a powerful and accurate email list verification and email validation. It will protect your sender’s reputation and improve your inbox placement by removing invalid addresses from your list and by reducing your bounce rate!

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