An email address becomes invalid for many reasons.

1. Recipients’ job or position which results in an inactive email address

2. Shutting down of a business makes the domain non-existent

3. Typos or syntax errors in the email address

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4. Email service provider closing down the business

An email verifier detects whether an email address is valid and active.

An email verifier identifies spam traps and invalid email addresses.

This is important too to integrate into your email marketing workflow to prevent your sender’s reputation from getting damaged.

Otherwise, ESPs will block your account if you are sending emails to email addresses with spam traps too often.

Your sender reputation is walking a fragile line, that is why you have to put in the effort to keep a clean email list.

Are you still not convinced that you need an email verifier to clean your email lists from time to time?

In this article, we will cover the top 3 features you need in an email verifier.

We will shade light also on why email verification matters and why ignoring it when doing email marketing can lead to catastrophic email campaign issues that will take weeks to resolve.

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Why Should You Use Email Verification?

There are plenty of reasons why email addresses become invalid over time, and they become the bad apple in your database.

If you send emails to invalid email addresses, you will raise the bounce rate with your own hands, which will backfire on your sender reputation.

Email verification tools help you remove invalid email addresses from your email addresses list.

This process is what is called regular email lists clean-ups.

Other than it helping you remove fake emails, it also frees up storage space and shrinks your database in size, which helps save money on storing data.

Email verification ensures that you are sending emails only to recipients that are interested in your content and will open your emails.

Reason 1: It helps keep your email lists fresh

Each year, 22.5% of email addresses become invalid.

This is a natural phenomenon due to various external reasons.

Recipients change companies, and the professional email addresses you have on your list get deactivated.

Without a regular email verification, in a year, your bounce rate can go from the acceptable bounce rate to tenfold.

This will impact negatively your sender reputation as it will take a real hit.

You need to verify your email list once every two months.

Reason 2: It reduces hard bounces

Hard bounces happen when the recipient doesn’t exist, which means the email address is invalid.

High bounce rates indicate spammers, which is why ESPs is flagging you as a spammer.

When your bounce rate grows, your sender reputation falls.

Once it crosses a critical threshold, your account gets blacklisted.

Reason 3: It improves email deliverability

Email verification tools filter out invalid email addresses.

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This way, all the emails you send reach the inbox of your recipients.

Your email deliverability stays high and, preserves your email sender reputation.

Reason 4: It maintains high sender reputation

Your sender reputation depends on bounce rate and deliverability.

However, your enemy is the spam report rate which watches closely your sender habits.

Consistently using email verification services in your email marketing will help you keep a high sender reputation and avoid blacklists.

5 best features of email verification tools

To choose an email verification service, pay attention to these best 5 features.

Bulk Email Finder

Email verification in bulk is a great time-winner strategy.

The process is very easy as you only have to upload a CSV or connect with your email provider.

Bulk Email verification ensures your email list is clean and thoroughly valid, which helps reduce bounce-back, ultimately saving you time and money.

Domain Search

Email verification services check if the domain name is correctly spelled, as well as whether the website and the domain are real and active.

Domain search is important for your business because websites expire, and so do email addresses tied to them.

Some domains are no longer available on the market while others migrate to a new domain and create new emails tied to the new domain.

This leaves behind inactive domains related to inactive emails addresses.

And your business doesn’t need both to prospect.

Email Verifier

Email verification services help you to detect invalid email addresses with a couple of clicks.

While all Email verification services are different from one another and depend on the features and the number of email addresses you can validate per month, most of them are all very easy to use.


The email verification tool of your choosing must be easily integrated with your favorite sales and marketing tools.

The email verification tool must give you the option to create your own integrations.

All accounts must guarantee at least 1,000 free API verifications every month.

API integrations help you to pull your entire email list from a platform such as ConvertKit and allow you to easily import your subscribers.

If you want to validate an email address on an ongoing basis, you will need a tool that integrates directly with your email provider.

Make sure to choose an email verification tool that has direct integration with your email provider.

Data security

The email verification tool you choose must have the GDPR (top-grade data security), hosted by the European Union European Regional Development Fund.

GDPR should be compiled with customer data security to make sure that the email verification tool would never sell or rent this data to other companies.

Email Inspector Features

Email Inspector is not only a tool for email verification.

Email Inspector works fluently with the marketing automation ecosystem with emails, SMS, and chatbots for various messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Telegram.

With Email Inspector, you can manage your customer base with a free CRM tool that can help with leads retention.

Email Inspector blesses you with customer support!  The support team helps you out with your questions.

Email Inspector offers its services to fit all budgets; subscriptions or pay-per-use will make sure the email addresses in your email lists are valid and active.

To learn more about pricing plans, service levels, and customer support options, please visit

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