If invalid email addresses on your list increase by only 1% it can decrease your deliverability by 10%.

It’s scary, I know.

How a small percentage of invalid and inactive emails can result in a giant leap in your email deliverability.

This is where email verification comes in handy.

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Email verification helps you to detect fake email addresses, remove them and increase your open rate and deliverability.

Here are 7 facts about email verification that you probably don’t know.

In this article, you will get to discover each fact about email verification.

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1) Validating Emails Can Reduce Bounce Rate by 90%

If your bounce rate keeps on increasing, your reputation as a sender will suffer, which will affect your email campaign badly.

Email verification will help you eliminate all the invalid email addresses and reduce the email bounce rate by a good 90%.

Email verification will check for the email address and see whether the account is active or not.

By eliminating fake email addresses and removing email bounces, you will get to increase email deliverability and improve your sender score.

Email verification tools use a system that unsubscribes hard bounces, moves the bad addresses to a separate list, and saves you from all the trouble.

It also sends a message to ESPs whether you are a trusted sender or spammer.

Email verification is a huge benefit of verifying email addresses on your email list and help you making your email marketing strategy effective on the whole.

2) Email Verification Software Companies Can Verify Billions of Emails

What makes email verifications services a great liability is their ability to verify bottomless lists of email addresses in bulk.

This works just right for your business if you’re sending mass emails.

Bulk email list verification determines whether or not an email addresses list is fully valid, deliverable the recipient’s mail server is active.

Bulk email verification can make or break your email marketing campaign.

3) Email Validation Allows you to Cross Check Your List With Millions of Spam Traps and Complainer Emails

Spam traps are valid yet inactive email addresses, kept in circulation to help ESPs, spot spammers.

These sometimes make their way into your database.

Email verification services will maintain a database of known SPAM and hard-bounce emails.

Email verification services can predict how likely an email is to bounce.

Email service providers (ESP) use fake or abandoned email addresses as a way to “trap” spammers or poor email list hygiene.

These fake email addresses won’t bounce, because ESPs are keeping them open on purpose.

This process of constantly checking your email lists of spam traps and complainer emails is a daunting process.

As spam trap removes greenbacks from businesses, use an email verification service to remove spams traps automatically from your email lists.

Complainers are costly too.

Email verifications will find any of these emails on your list, they delete them for you.

4) Email Verification Software Automatically Syncs With ESPs like MailChimp

Over the years, email verification software and ESPs collected the impression of being like water and oil.

This is not true, not even a little bit, not even at all.

True, creating a great email is no walk in the park.

You need to constantly review your email lists, and manually check the error in new emails subscriptions to drive business results and avoid being blacklisted.

To verify email addresses and removing every invalid email address can be time-consuming if it’s not automated.

That’s why Email Inspector integrates with your favorite email service providers, like MailChimp.

For instance, Email Inspector connects to MailChimp with a few easy clicks.

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This will uplift your email marketing to the next level.

5) The Return of Single Opt-in Is Making Email Validation a Must

Single opt-in forms are coming back again instead of double opt-in.

Double opt-ins are when a user signs up for an email newsletter, and then an email is sent out to the user which includes a link to click and confirm the subscription.

The user will be officially added to the email newsletter only after the confirmation.

This method reduces the chance of signing spam addresses which helps you avoid any spam traps and protects your sender reputation.

Litmus did a study highlighting the increased failure rates among double opt-in emails.

The study did reveal that single opt-in emails help your email list grow up to 25% faster.

Single opt-ins are when a user has to only check a box to agree to sign up for your newsletter or leave the pre-checked box checked.

This method seems easier to collect email addresses since it’s so easy and automatic for users.

It is why many businesses are switching back to single opt-ins and leaving behind double opt-ins.

But, the downside of single opt-in addresses is that they’re far more vulnerable to grammar and syntax errors.

In single opt-ins, more than 20% of email registrations contain typos, syntax errors, domain errors, and other problems.

However, single opt-ins can backfire by generating high amounts of spam complaints.

Spam complaints are not something you want.

Because some ISPs block sending servers after as few as two or three spam reports per one thousand emails.

This creates another problem.

Yet, you don’t have to worry since email verification eliminates typos and grammar mistakes.

Email verification services also alarm you when you’re getting spam.

6) Email Verification Is Used By More than 153 Countries

Email verification is no more a luxurious tool.

It’s a must-have for your email marketing to grow and bear fruits.

No wonder in 2022, email verification tools are used by more than 153 countries.

7) Email Verification Companies Offer 100 Free Verifications ( Example : Email Inspector)

Although the world we live in today is based on “give and take.” There are some generous offers here and now.

Email Inspector offers you 100 free verifications for you to verify at least one or two email addresses lists.

You must know if you decrease the bad emails on your email addresses list by only 1% can give you a 10% increase in email deliverability.

For big businesses, this translates to either leaving money on the table or earning it without breaking a sweat.

And this is one of the many benefits of Email Inspector’s email verification tool.

Email Inspector is one of the most multitasked email verification services in the marketplace,, as of 2022.

Email Inspector offers packages to fit all budgets.

-You can use subscriptions and pay-per-use for email validation to check valid and active email addresses on your list.

-Bulk email verification helps you avoid poor sender reputation, which will make bulk email marketing campaigns, such as newsletters or sales emails, a piece of cake.

Bulk Email verification helps reduce bounce-back, with no time or money wasted.

-Validating email addresses helps you to maximize the email deliverability of your marketing campaign.

Validating email addresses helps you remove low-quality inactive email addresses from valid ones.

To learn more about pricing plans, service levels, and customer support options, please visit our website.

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