Do you regularly get bounces through your cold email campaigns?

If this is happening a lot to you, the email addresses in your email lists could be the root cause of your issue.

Whether you are sending a cold email campaign or a regular newsletter, you always, always, verify your email list, waaay before hitting that send button.

In this article you will learn how to verify an email address without sending an email.

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To be ahead of the scenario here, emails verification can reveal if an email address is worth your time without sending an email in the first place.

Email verification will also help you filter invalid and spammy email addresses that can cause bounces and decrease your delivery rate.

And there are two ways to do it, either verify manually each email, which will take you the time you don’t have.

Or you can do this process on autopilot.

Lucky for you, in this article, we will explain in detail why you need to verify an email address and how to verify email addresses without sending an email.

Why do you need to verify email addresses?

Because the emails in your database could be invalid.

Why these emails can be invalid might be due to technical reasons or human reasons.

To be sure there are no invalid emails in your database, you need to run an email list verification.

When do you need to verify email addresses?

After each new addition to your email address lists, you need to verify email addresses before moving forward with sending them emails.

This regular clean-up should be conducted after every email address collected from email lookup services or other external sources.

You should run verifications regularly, especially for marketing newsletters.

The frequency of cleanups depends on your list and how fast it’s growing.

The faster the growth is, the more frequently you should verify it.

A way to help you maintain this routine is to create a verification schedule.

This will help you set up notifications in your calendar to not forget your regular email cleanups.

If you’re running a newsletter, and you notice that your bounce rate is higher than 2%, you should immediately stop the campaign and run the email verification.

Because, if you continue to send emails to the email addresses that bounce.

This will only damage your sender reputation and decrease your deliverability.

You can also do real-time verification via the API.

All you have to do is integrate an API at many different points of your recipient’s journey.

This will help to collect higher-quality, deliverable, and valued email addresses in real-time.

You can implement real-time verification via the API for your opt-in forms, event registration, and other business forms.

Best ways to verify an email address without sending an email

Here is how to verify an email address without sending an email.

This process requires some advanced techniques and methods, here are the ones we suggest:

1. Use an email verification tool

2. Manually check each email address

3. Ping the server

4. Check the email syntax

5. Conduct an IP address lookup

6. Search email addresses in Google

7. Perform a DNS search

Use an email verification tool

An email verification tool can help you verify email addresses in bulk.

All you have to do is to upload your email list file, and the verification tool’s automated system will verify all the email addresses on the list for you.

An email verification tool will take away the struggle to do the verification email by email.

An email verification tool will win you time since there will be less time spent on email verification and more time t focus on cold email campaigns.

Manually check each email address

You can Google ‘email checker’ or ‘email verifier’ and the results will show you free options to verify an email address manually, with no need to send an email.

At Email Inspector, we offer our Email Verifier.

Our Email Verifier is free and doesn’t require any installation.

Email Inspector’s email verifier will tell you if an email address is valid in a few seconds.

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Here are the steps to how it works:

  1. Head to
  2. Enter the email address you want to verify.
  3. the results will be either ‘Deliverable’ if the email address is verified, or ‘Undeliverable’ for invalid email addresses.

This technique is free, straightforward, and will allow you to verify email addresses without first sending an email.

Ping the server

You can ping the mail server to know whether the address is valid.

This process is slow and very risky for your infrastructure but it’s accurate.

Email verification tools use the SMTP protocol to guarantee that the mailbox exists and can receive emails.

The ping server verification technique “ping” the individual mailbox using the SMTP protocol.

The server will answer you with a message with either “Ok,” “Does Not Exist” or is “Disabled.”

You can safely send email addresses if the response is positive.

A negative response means the email address doesn’t exist.

Check the email syntax

To identify invalid email addresses, you have to validate the email address’s syntax.

A valid email address has two parts: a local part (i.e. username) and a domain, separated by a “@” character.

These two parts fall into the format of [email protected]

The local part can be a maximum of 64 characters long.

The local part can consist of:

  • uppercase and lowercase
  • Latin letters A to Z
  • special characters like !#$%&’*+-/=?^_`{|}~
  • dot

The domain can consist of:

  • uppercase and lowercase
  • Latin letters A to Z

You need to check your recipient’s email address to see if it follows the correct syntax.

Any other format other than a correct syntax can your email message bounce back.

Make sure to also check the typos mistakes like or, which can lead your email message to bounce back.

Conduct an IP address lookup

IP address lookup helps you to determine the geolocation of an IP address.

Each email message has the IP address of the server where it comes from.

By default, you won’t be able to see the IP address since it’s hidden in the source code of the email message.

Here are the steps:

1. Look for the email message’s source, look under “received from” to find the IP address.

2. Copy the IP address and paste it into an online IP address lookup tool, like What Is My IP Address.

You will get the ISP and organization associated with the IP address as well as its location.

If the IP address is located in a foreign and far country, someone could be spoofing it.

While IP Address lookup can tell you where an IP address is from, it can’t tell you about the address’s deliverability and if it has a reputable domain.

If you have a large number of IP addresses to check, this process can be time-consuming for you as an email marketer.

Search email addresses in Google

Searching email addresses in Google will reveal if the email address is valid or not.

However, it won’t tell you that an email address is fake.

This method is manual and open to the public since most people have a presence on the internet, either through websites, Linkedin, etc.

Google or Bing constantly crawl the internet, indexing new information around the clock.

That’s why real addresses linked to real accounts are easily found with a simple search engine query, while fake email addresses aren’t.

Perform a DNS search

You can perform a DNS lookup to check a domain’s authenticity.

A DNS search provides you with any blacklist or spammy data associated with the domain.

Here are the steps to do a DNS lookup:

  • OpenMXToolbox DNS Checkin your browser
  • Add the recipient’s domain name in the text box provided
  • Click on DNS check

The results will show you a list of hostnames and details of the DNS records.

If the results don’t show you any details of the provided domain, it’s probably that the domain is most available.

This DNS test will also give you the accuracy of the recipient’s domain.

However, this DNS test can’t assure 100% deliverability.


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