Verify email address without sending email

It’s almost 2023, The email industry evolved enough to have myths. 

Today’s myth is that “you can only validate an email address if you send an email”. 

Well, wrong! 

You can verify email address without sending email.

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Yes, it’s possible without going through sending an email, crossing your fingers to not bouncing back. 

This is crucial if you’re in midst of an email campaign that your business depends on. 

You can’t afford to have hard bounces. 

In this article verify email address without sending email : you will learn how to verify email address without sending email. 

Why is it important to verify an email before sending it?

Let me draw you a picture here. 

Sending 500 emails to verified email addresses and getting a certain deliverability return. 

Sending 1,000 outbound emails to unverified emails and getting a so-so deliverability return.

The second case will hurt you. It will spike your email’s bounce rate and mark you as spam. 

It’s a solid time waste and resources. 

Going the extra mile and verifying email addresses will save you the trouble of risking your business, improving your email deliverability, and reducing your bounce rate. 

Better deliverability will lead to a better open and response rate as well.

How do I Verify Email Address Without Sending Email?

There are plenty of ways to verify email address without sending email. 

Either with free email verifier tools in case you’re sending less than 200 emails. 

Or with an email finder tool with built-in verification in case you’re sending emails to thousands of email addresses. 

2 Ways to Verify an Email Addresses Without Sending Any Email

Option 1: Free email verifier tools:

Google ‘Email Verifier,’ and you will find many free and paid options will come up.

You can get by with a free tool if you’re email list is a few hundred long. It’s manageable, although tough, you can verify your email addresses list regularly.

This is method 1 to verify email address without sending email.

Option 2: Email finder tools with built-in verification:

But if your email address list is thousands of leads long, you will need email verification in bulk, you need to use an email verification tool like Email Inspector.

Email Inspector is a great option for you if you’re in the process of scaling email campaigns and can’t afford to risk having bounces.

Automatically, the email finder tool will search, find and verify all the email addresses on your list.

This is unconditioned whether you have 10 emails to verify or thousands.

Email Inspector Email Finder is the perfect tool to find verified leads. Email Inspector Email Finder offers you pre-verified results.

This will save you from hard bounces and poor email campaign performance.

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Start to verify email address without sending email.

When do you need to verify email addresses?

verify email address without sending email gmail picture

Before launching your email campaign, either the list is brand new or old. 

You need to spring clean your email lists with bulk email verification prior launching your campaign. 

This way, you will be sure that your list contains only valid email addresses.

You need to clean your email addresses every now and then. 

For that, you can use email verification software services to verify email lists regularly.

Email address clean-up frequency depends on your list and its growing pace.

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If your email list is growing fast, it means you should verify it more often. 

Build a verification schedule.

This way you can set up notifications in your calendar to remember when to clean your email list.

If your emails keep on bouncing and your bounce rate is edging towards 2%, that’s a red flag. 

You should drop everything at your hand and shift your focus to your email list.

Because, if you keep your email campaign running while your email list is full of fake email addresses, you’re damaging your own sender’s reputation. 

And you know how this take ends, a bad sender’s reputation leads to low deliverability and low open rate. 

Another smart way to verify email address without sending email is real-time verification via Email Inspector’s API.

Email Inspector’s API collects the higher-quality, deliverable, and valued email addresses in real-time.

You can apply this method Email Inspector’s API for your opt-in forms, event registration, and other business forms.

How can I be sure an email is deliverable?

You can upload your email list in a .CSV or .TXT file format. 

This way, the email verification software tool of your choice can run through your email list. 

You can later download the new list. 

How do email verification tools work?

Email verification is no piece of pie. 

There are different ways to verify email address without sending email, we’ve narrowed them down to 4 methods.  

1. Syntax and formatting check

The first step in all verification processes is a syntax and formatting check. 

Syntax and formatting check helps you verify spelling mistakes like extra characters e.g. dots, an extra @ sign, semicolons, apostrophes, commas, etc.


[email protected]@io syntax is not correct.

2. Domain check

Domain check helps you verify if the domain tied to the email address exists, is registered, and works correctly.

It’s very given that domains will expire at some point, and companies change domains and email addresses with new domain names. 

Domain check verifies is the DNS records for the domain name and MX records are still alive and running so that it can receive emails.

3. Email ping

Email ping helps you verify if the mailbox still exists and can receive emails. 

To verify email address without sending email, email verification systems use the SMTP protocol.

Once you run this process, you will get the answer to if the email exists or not. 

The answer either will be negative or positive. 

Positive means the email address does exist.

Negative means the email address doesn’t exist.

After that, you can safely launch your email campaign. 

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