Almost every company uses email as a communication option. Because it is easy to set up, free and accessible, and round the clock available. Despite the advanced communication options like live chat, chatbot, messaging apps, and email are still more effective and efficient than other messaging services. The company uses a catch-all email server not to miss a single message of the clients or customers. This platform is designed to accept all kinds of messages sent to specific email addresses, regardless of whether the email address is verified.

What’s a catch-all email account?

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A catch-all email account is an address that is used to receive all messages that are addressed to an incorrect email address and domain. In layman language, a catch-all email account is set up to receive all messages, regardless of whether the specific email address is valid. This means, if a domain name is set up as an all-catch, it will accept all types of messages whatever the username. For instance, you have three email addresses set up for and [email protected] or [email protected], you can create [email protected] as a catch-all email account. Then any message sent to [email protected] will be redirected to the catch-all email account [email protected]

Can a catch-all email address be verified?

Now, you may be thinking, can a catch-all email address be verified. Of Course, Yes, there are tools available in this email platform which is used to identify catch-all email addresses. The service checks the authenticity of the email, you can get advanced services like will verify all the catch email addresses effectively.

What are the risks associated with a catch-all email account?

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Needless to say, the catch-all email server is an effective communication platform for companies. But, as nothing is perfect in this world, it comes with flaws. One of the significant flaws of this service is bounce rates, which can harm the business profile as well. Let’s understand some other downside of this platform.

Low open rates: Enterprises that set up a catch-all server face difficulty in monitoring email accounts. Like some messages will get automatically deleted.

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High spams rates: As we mentioned above, the major objective of using a catch-all email server to accept all kinds of messages. It means the chances of entering phishing emails are higher. Senders only need to know the domain name, and they have full liability to send any kind of email. This makes catch-all email accounts highly susceptible.

Assessing the risk for your campaign:

It is very frustrating for email marketers when their email gets rejected or marked as a spammer. It hurts the reputation and difficult to tell you are communicating via a catch-all email account. But, an email verification service can help you out by determining which email address is valid and which is not. This strategy will not only save your reputation score but also decrease the bounce rates.

Designing your catch-all email strategy:

Designing strategies for this kind of email at companion level based on the nature and value of the campaign.

  • Email marketers whose aim is to target an audience by sending engaging sales emails, then they don’t need to remove all-cached email addresses.
  • Make sure the list of the new subscription to your newsletter is associated with more risk than rewards so handle it by taking cautions.
  • In the event, if you face any kind of issue with the data, then completely ignore it.

Final Say:

However, integrating a catch-all account server to reach the audience is a risk-based task. But, if you use an email verification service like, you don’t need to worry about the risk because this organization analyzes the risk, creates a perfect action plan, and verifies the list of email addresses for your company.

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